Polo Ralph Lauren Trainers in Navy

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Emphasise your style with these leather Polo Ralph Lauren formal trainers. These Ralph low top shoes epitomise the look of affluence and poise, whilst maintaining a distinguishable retro style with that recognisable Ralph Lauren logo to the back. These Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers come in navy with yellow trims and navy laces. Perfect for formal or casual occasions

The Ralph Lauren brand was first launched in 1967 and focussed on men's ties. After dropping out of University and a few years gaining experience in the fashion industry working for Brook Brothers, Ralph Lauren established his own company in New York. His first "main line" of polo shirts became part of the name we know today 

  • Lightweight, soft, comfortable, perfect for warm summer days or lounging in the colder ones, casual or more formal events or sporting activities
  • 86% leather upper
  • Suede overlays
  • UK size 8, Euro size 42, US 9