Timberland Round Neck Tee Shirt in Navy

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Flaunt your own unique style with this Timberland spell-out tee. These Timberland Tshirts epitomise a look of affluence and poise. Great for casual or formal occasions, these tees are a fashionable outdoors option in the summer months or maintaining a formal or casual look indoors in the colder ones

With their flagship 6" original boot, Timberland are renowned for the quality of their footwear. They were originally adopted by the hip hop culture but have become a staple for conventional fashion for men and women around the globe
Timberland's range of tees and hoodies are now a staple of everyone's wardrobe
  • 100% cotton - lightweight, soft, comfortable, perfect for warm summer days or lounging in the colder ones
  • Machine washable
  • Men's sizes small, XL and XXL available
  • Model is 5"11 wearing XL